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Q: Do i have to worry about mould if i'm growing in my home?

A: With our size of home grow equipment, mould is not a huge risk. If you use any of our kits as intended and follow proper hygiene practices, you and your home is completely safe. Having that said, if you don't properly clean, don't properly ventilate, don't use the equipment as directed, and don't properly manage the heat and humidity in your grow environment, mould is a definite risk. Ensure you monitor your grow tent closely, and if you see any signs of mould, turn all of your equipment off, and handle appropriately. By taking on growing as a hobby, you have taken on a responsibility that must be taken seriously to prevent adverse outcomes from taking place. Ensure you throughly research proper growing and hygiene practices, or get lessons from a professional to ensure you know how to prevent mould from occuring.

Q: What will home growing do to my electric bill? won't it be expensIVE?

A: It's actually cheaper than you think. Our 175 LED lights use the same amount of power as a 50" LCD TV.  Our biggest light uses a bit more power than a fridge. And all of our lights use significantly less power than a hot tub. Putting a grow light system in your home should be a similar decision to a new TV, or a second fridge when it comes to concerns about power consumption.

Q: ISn't home growing complicated?

A: Learning to grow is like learning guitar. It's not that hard to learn a few chords for the campfire. But if you want to get serious and learn to shred like a guitar god, well that'll take some practice. How complicated it gets depends on what you want to get out of it. If you use our kits and grow in soil, it won't be too difficult to get some results you'll be happy with. If you feel like jumping down the rabbit hole after that, there's various advanced growing techniques, hydroponic mediums, and all kinds of next level stuff for you to dive into. 

Q: are there any safety concerns to this equipment?

A:  For 400w and 600w HIDs, the primary concern is heat, which is what our venting systems are designed to regulate. Our ballasts also come with overheating protection, short circuit protection, and end-of-lamp-life protection. These systems are very safe, but do require the attention and education of the user. In warmer seasons and climates, you will be required to pay special attention to the temperatures in your grow space, monitor the equipment, and keep an eye on things to make sure they operate within the parameters of safe growing. Always make sure your grow space is free and clear of all flammable items. Keep any excess rope from your rope ratchets secure and away from the reflector. We also recommend keeping your ballast outside the tent, and strongly emphasize not to have it in direct sunlight or HID light. Despite the end-of-lamp-life protection, it is not advised to let your lamp run until it burns out. Change based on recommended lifespan, and never touch the bulb with your hands as that may reduce its life. Make sure to read the instruction manual and only operate the equipment as intended. Growing is a commitment, and takes your time and attention in order to be safe and successful. If heat does get out of control as a result of external environment, you may need to move your tent, or purchase additional venting or air conditioning.

Lumen Farms knows their stuff. I had a million questions, and they addressed each one in a professional and educated manner. With Lumen Farms you’re in good hands.
— Alex Watters